Ever since the diagnosis of our son “Dee” with Autism a few years back, I never really understood what it was. Sure I had seen kids with it but the most noticeable ones were the kids with Lower functioning Autism. I paid particular attention to one child in particular who well she was obviously low functioning, the things she could remember about people was extraordinary. How could someone who struggles so much with words and with understanding the world rhyme off the names of all my family members and even our animal’s names? Heck, I get introduced to people and can’t remember their names 5 minutes later sometimes!

My wife is the one who dug out the books upon Dee’s diagnosis. His original diagnosis about 7 years ago was Tourette Syndrome. I knew a little about that already. It was an obvious struggle and made life difficult, more so at home than at school. We would have meetings with staff and they would say, we don’t see anything wrong with him. This flabbergasted us as he would often come home and like a balloon filling up with air, he would BURST by the end of the day.

We have come to realize that we are the true advocates on Dee’s behalf! We used to try and rely on the medical professionals and educators but the reality is that our child is only 1 of hundreds they deal with. If we want to see success in our child’s life we need to become heavily invested. We need to become the experts non their behalf! If we don’t do that, no one else is going to be the expert that we have potential to be. Research about Autism! research about medications, research about social aspects of Autism – get to know this stuff!

We don’t profess to be licensed Autism experts, but we are very experience parents who have been in the “lab” many times testing out different strategies, medications and approaches to every day life with an autistic child.

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