One does not have to think too much that when you clean something with bleach that it is a powerful cleaner and disinfectant. It’s been around for 300 years now! Originally used to whiten fabrics bleach has taken on many concentrations!

As you know we are amidst a pandemic. It is said that in order for bleach to be used as a disinfectant it can be mixed at a ratio of 49:1 to work effectively. That’s not very much bleach! That’s roughly 2 teaspoons to a container the size of a 500ml pop bottle.

I don’t know about you but when I use bleach I find it hard to use that little bleach – it comes out a lot faster than that!

I have always known bleach as a strong chemical, it’s kind of obvious when you use it!

Recently we have removed most of the chemicals out of our house. There is no more bleach! That said I began a job and we are required to use bleach as a disinfectant. I worked my first day and after coming home that night my eyes were puffy and sore, my throat was sore and raspy as well. I felt like I had the start of a cold! It was obvious to me that the effects of the bleach on my lungs were great. I had only used a solution at a small ratio, BUT, I had used it for over 3 hours in the process of sanitizing 400 or so desks.

I learned this past year that studies done by The University of Bergen in Norway over 20 years concluded that by using regular national brand cleaners as little as once a week was no different on your lungs than smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for 20 years!

What is also interesting is that it didn’t matter if it was a person cleaning for a living or a person cleaning their own home, the results were similar. One would think of this as strange but product guidelines tend to be followed better in a professional setting than they do at home. It was found that Protective equipment is rarely used at home by those using these chemicals. masks, gloves, and goggles are rarely used. I know in my home I may use gloves but that was it!

What’s more, is individuals using these chemicals are more at risk of Asthma. The lungs tend to suffer when we are exposed to these leading household cleaners. I think we realize this fact just by walking down the cleaning aisles of the grocery store where we can lose our breath. You can’t help but notice the various strong smells.

We have breathing issues in our home. Three members of our family use a puffer to help in breathing. It was a must that we find products to do the job that bleach and other cleaners were doing on our clothes and surfaces, and we did.

In the end we went with a line of products that were all natural and the results thus far have been nothing less than amazing. The idea of using something, knowing that it is NOT harming you breathing and hurting your skin in any way is a great relief.

Anyhow it’s not my job to tell anyone what to do but the decision we made was one of the best in recent years, and in fact has not cost us any more financially than we were paying in the first place. In fact we are paying less than we would buying the comparable toxic items at the grocery store.

Thank God we found this stuff!

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