Hi there! My name is Corey. I am a Husband and Father of 3 boys aged 14,17,and 20. Life from day one of their lives has been a roller coaster. There have been GREAT days and, well, there have been days I wish to erase from the calander.

I grew up in Southern Ontario and attended Tyndale University gradated with a B.R.E (Bachelor Religious Education). I spent a number of years working with youth and many were disadvantaged youth.

I have spent time working in a homeless shelter and Director of Community and Family Services as well so I have seen people in all walks of life.

I love Baseball, Hockey, Softball….well… mostly anything with a ball! Maybe I should have been born a dog!

Anyhow my life’s motto has always been, “To make a difference in people’s lives, one at a time!”

My hope is that you will find some hope or at least help here at Autism for Dads. Be Blessed!